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    We are a training and change management consultancy that visualises content and put it to work in experiential ways when people need to LEARN, GROW and KNOW.

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    If your employees are empowered through learning, they’ll grow, and from there business results will follow.

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    Contact us under +27 11 880 8060 or send us an email under info@trainaic.com

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Our 7-step Process

We work closely with our clients to develop a custom solution for every project.

Key Innovations

Our key innovations in training solutions include picture-based learning maps, cards, artefacts and methods that engage people when combined together


We get into your world and analyse the details in order to ensure the most relevant and impactful way forward.

Why We Do It

Pictures make complex concepts easy and understandable.

People Get Pictures

People ‘get’ pictures, and pictures are our business. Our vision is to change learning for the better with our business training solutions; to make it more engaging, more enjoyable, more effective and more inclusive.

About Trainiac

Founded in 2001, we’ve since undertaken 1,000+ projects all of which differ vastly in content, extent and complexity.

It all started back in 2001

We had this feeling that the training space was ripe for a little excitement. Everywhere we went, we asked people about their training and learning experiences.

We heard things like …
- Great venue, it was my first time at xyz hotel.
- I completely over ate.
- Every time we looked around their was more food.
- The facilitator was a hoot. Such an entertaining person.
- Strangely though no one was saying I learnt so much … it changed my life!

We pondered and asked more people more questions. In the end our simple assessment was this: Some training was overwhelming. Too much information, too many slides, too fast. It left people spinning and disengaged. Some training was underwhelming. A slow process to cover information already known by most. It left people feeling bored and disengaged.

At about this time we were experimenting with mind-maps which were starting to evolve into learning maps. We tried to see whether we could load a text book onto a page … literally. Our first experiment was to tackle the retail industry and specifically the topic of FMCG sales in a supermarket environment. We illustrated the content looking at everything from rate of sale, market share, stock levels, stock rotation, promotions, returns, planograms, displays, out of stocks, breakages, returns and basically everything that food retailers would like their people to know.

Well the project was a roaring success. We had created our first learning map, coupled it with a super engaging instructional methodology and tested it with some big players in the FMCG space including Pick ‘n Pay, AC Nielsen, Clover, Vital Health Foods and a couple of others.

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