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Highly rated International airline


In order to offer the best service to your customers, a company needs to understand what their customers’ value. The airline analyzed their customers’ experience and defined the different touchpoints where customers interact with the company as well as what the customers valued at each touchpoint.

Trainiac was then approached to help them visualise the customer’s journey, the touchpoints and what was valued at each touchpoint. The touchpoints identified were online booking, check-in, security, waiting lounge, boarding, flight, arrival and baggage claim. Read more…

“Process mapping” and how this type of training can improve people-related processes post image

There’s only so much regular staff meetings and annual performance appraisals can do to help each of your employees understand their role better, and savvy business leaders and managers know that the key to streamlining their operations is to clearly map out the roles and responsibilities of each cog in the wheel.

Called “process mapping”, this doesn’t only serve your business objectives, but it also empowers each and every employee to truly own and grow in their position. In its most basic form, a process map is a visual representation of your company’s workflow – and clearly communicates the various processes involved.

In recent years, process mapping has become increasingly sophisticated – with software such as Aris and Visio on offer – but in many cases, it’s actually made things more complicated, instead of more clear. Read more…

“Touchpoint maps” – what they are and how they can help your company post image

There are a great many steps in each customer’s journey, from the decision to buy a certain product or service, right through to delivery and after-sale support. Each step in this journey is an important component in overall customer satisfaction, and it’s therefore imperative to ensure that you monitor the whole process.

The better your methodology to trace steps – also called touchpoints – the better your chances to identify your company’s various weaknesses, and strengths. A touchpoint map – which is in essence a detailed outline defining your customer touchpoints – in one of the most valuable tools to boost your business, as it not only brings your customers’ journeys to life, but it also informs some heavyweight business objectives. For example, it’s bound to increase your customers’ satisfaction, reduce returns and complaints, increase revenue and do wonders for your overall brand value. Read more…

A quick guide to mapping customer touchpoints post image

Increasingly we are asked to help our clients with what is generally called touchpoint mapping.

This is largely due to the visual nature of our work.  Infographics, information graphics or what we call learning maps totally lend themselves to mapping business content.  Our approach to this tends to be rather straightforward.  On the one hand, there is an encoding job to be done.  This means literally analysing a range of touchpoints involved in a particular experience – be it a customer touchpoint experience, a set of safety related touchpoints or even compliance touch points … by way of example. Read more…