Safety First in the PowerLine Construction Industry – Case Study post image

A consortium of 6 leading companies in the power line construction industry


The Powerline Construction Industry (PLCI) works on a tender basis when applying for work. One of the requirements when tendering is that the company has a good safety record. This is difficult to maintain in some circumstances. PLCI employees are mostly recruited from the areas surrounding the construction sites. These can be extremely remote and the employees will have minimal education and may be illiterate. Prior to engaging Trainiac the companies were running all employees through a one-day powerpoint presentation before allowing the employees to begin working. This was not very successful and the companies were still recording safety incidences which needed to be avoided. Read more…

Creating a Global Community – Case Study post image

Global Logistics Business with Head Office in USA


An international logistics company approached Trainiac to design their global induction programme. The company was finding that it was difficult to create a consistent message when each region designed their own induction. The story was always told in a slightly different way and the nuances that made each region different were emphasised rather than the similarities which made them one company. The client decided that Trainiac would be the preferred supplier as they had worked together locally. The client had one main challenge to overcome in the design of a global induction – a language one. As Trainiac creates learning solutions using visuals, the client would not need to translate the material into all the languages spoken in the business. Read more…

The joys of being safe post image

An accident is an unplanned and uncontrollable act caused by unsafe actions and conditions… this is a definition I learned back in my high school days in the science lab, which by now are many, many moons ago. Every year before we got started on anything the first chapter we went over even before we were issued with text books was on safety.

Safety is a very vital element in any working environment; ask any 14year old from my old high school and they would be able to tell you that, it is also imperative that any organisation has safety provisions in case anything happens.

Safety training can be made fun! With practical examples in play, the employees get to forge strong team bonds. Employees also become comfortable with one another in addition to the lessons learned at a safety training session they can be used anywhere at any time and could possibly save a life. The level of severe injuries can also be reduced greatly and a lot of money can be saved in costing the company less in repairs and/or medical expenses. Read more…

Invest in your employees post image

In this fast paced world of business, getting to the finish line the quickest is often the main objective for many companies. However, investing in your staff is also a very wise move… and the wise will tell you that “the journey is more important than the arrival”.

ROI through learning is basically when a company invests in its staff members through training and learning thus making the contributions that these  employees add in the organisation worth so much more then when they were initially employed. Read more…

The employee induction programme post image

They say information is power, and in the case of providing new employees with ample background details about their respective roles and your company, this saying couldn’t be truer. Known as an induction programme, this is a key step that can – if it’s done properly – seamlessly integrate new staff members into your company. It’s also an opportunity to streamline the current outlines of operations and structures within your business.

But it’s not just limited to new employees. In fact, regular re-induction programmes to introduce new processes are crucial in keeping your employees enthusiastic and involved in your company’s growth, as well as redefining your corporate culture as it develops. Read more…