Teaching Consumers Complex Concepts In Financial Education – Case Study post image

Large leading bank


Trainiac was approached to develop a learning solution for a new product that was going to be marketed to the previously unbanked and uninsured consumer. This product would help create new business opportunities for them and the communities in which they live. The client was employing people from the target areas, including Soweto, Northern Natal and the Free State, who would be trained to be development officers. These officers would need to educate the community on the product.

These products had normal banking and insurance terms and conditions which evoke fear in the target audience owing to the unfamiliar, complex nature of the content. The development officer would need to help the community to overcome this fear through education. Trainiac had the responsibility of developing the tools to educate both the development officer and the consumer. Read more…

Brand Engagement Grows Profitability – Case Study post image

A leading cement manufacturer


A strong external brand image is vital to success and a differentiated brand, which delivers consistently on its brand promise, can attain premium brand status. But to deliver customer experiences and exceed expectations requires the involvement and commitment of each and every employee in the organisation. Employees are often the most overlooked element in the brand building process. Few companies have the courage to expend their marketing and branding budgets on engaging their employees, preferring to commit millions to advertising and product development. When Trainiac’s client underwent a name change, an intervention to focus on the “acts like” component of the brand was needed.


Faced with a wide geographic spread of operations, a multi-cultural, multi-lingual workforce whose qualifications ranged from a Grade eight to Post Graduate, the challenge was to develop a training programme which could be facilitated boardroom to shop floor. The programme engaged learners in discovering the client’s world and took them on a journey from understanding a value system to allowing them to contribute to defining the behaviours around each of the values. Vital to the definition was aligning the behaviours to the impact on providing exceptional customer service. On a monthly basis, for ten months, employees from all areas of the business engaged in learning. The mix of value chain participants’ increased operational and departmental synergy. Brand accountability was accepted and brand ambassadors were born. Read more…

Touchpoint Mapping Case Study post image

Highly rated International airline


In order to offer the best service to your customers, a company needs to understand what their customers’ value. The airline analyzed their customers’ experience and defined the different touchpoints where customers interact with the company as well as what the customers valued at each touchpoint.

Trainiac was then approached to help them visualise the customer’s journey, the touchpoints and what was valued at each touchpoint. The touchpoints identified were online booking, check-in, security, waiting lounge, boarding, flight, arrival and baggage claim. Read more…

“Touchpoint maps” – what they are and how they can help your company post image

There are a great many steps in each customer’s journey, from the decision to buy a certain product or service, right through to delivery and after-sale support. Each step in this journey is an important component in overall customer satisfaction, and it’s therefore imperative to ensure that you monitor the whole process.

The better your methodology to trace steps – also called touchpoints – the better your chances to identify your company’s various weaknesses, and strengths. A touchpoint map – which is in essence a detailed outline defining your customer touchpoints – in one of the most valuable tools to boost your business, as it not only brings your customers’ journeys to life, but it also informs some heavyweight business objectives. For example, it’s bound to increase your customers’ satisfaction, reduce returns and complaints, increase revenue and do wonders for your overall brand value. Read more…

The importance of training your customers post image

Gone are the days when a basic marketing programme was all that was needed to keep your business ahead of the pack, because these days, this sphere is bigger and more important to your business objectives than ever before. Industries that clearly illustrate the need for going beyond traditional marketing manoeuvres – and dipping into the arena of consumer education – include banking, financial services, technology and healthcare.

The benefits of in-depth customer training in banking are far-reaching. From tackling issues such as debt management and best practices for SMEs – in essence added value for customers – to basic financial literacy, banks need to be at the forefront of these developments and communicate it clearly to its clients in order to be successful. Similarly, businesses offering financial services such as insurance can significantly improve their offering (and their customers’ loyalty) by providing customer training on how to follow proper claims procedures. Read more…