We offer a range of services that make up our picture based solutions:

what we do


Working with groups of people, helping them find alignment around anything from content to strategy to top level project plans.

Graphic Facilitation

Facilitation on steroids!  Add an artist into the mix.  A talented illustrator who can interpret to topics of conversations and represent the core ideas graphically.  Sketches are perfect when it comes to accelerating alignment.  To get everyone on the same page they need to see the same story.

Learning Strategy

Your objectives are clear but you have many possible paths to get there.  We will explore and help you decide on the best gameplan for you and your business.  After supporting over 1,000 initiatives, we are well placed to give you powerful advice.

Instructional Design

To produce business results, people need to change the way they do things.  To bring about this change they need to learn or unlearn certain things.  Sound instructional design makes this more likely.  We apply a classic, theoretical approach to our design methodologies.

Materials Development

Regardless of whether you need alignment, communications or training … we will produce all the material needed to solve the problem.  This typically includes learner workbooks, facilitator guides, assessment instruments and such like.  Whatever is needed for the solution, we develop it.


Core to our strengths is the ability to visually depict the most complex of content.  Whatever you need explained we can do so using our unique picture based approach.

eLearning Design & Development

The world is digital.  e-Learning is a central part of our offering.  We have a unique visual and interactive approach to rapid content development.  While we have developed our own authoring technology, we can also work with Articulate, Captivate, Lectora and others.  All our outputs are SCORM compliant and responsive.  We are increasingly leaning towards the use of HTML5 where client environments allow it.


As developers of large format maps, cards and books, we have taken the time to develop a strong and out the box print capability.  Our outputs typically go beyond paper to include PVC vinyl, fabric and even laser cut wood if so required.  We offer a one stop print service to complement everything that we design.

Programme Packaging

Packaging has proven to be important.  Material needs to last.  It sometimes has to be exposed to the harshest of environments.  Durability and portability are key.

Print Material Logistics

Getting training kits and learner material to where its needed can be a logistical hassle.  Rather than lump you with this work, we typically handle the last mile of effort on behalf of our clients.

Training and Coaching

At the end of the day, what we design and produce needs to be implemented.  Using our experienced trainers we have the option of either training the programme for you or we can build capacity on your team and train your trainers.  Coaching and supporting them along the way is a given.