Case Study: Santam Claims Centre

Santam has a diversified range of general insurance products and services in South Africa. They have an large intermediary network and a direct channel client base.
The focus was on the Claims department, identified as a high pressure, high processing area and a high touch customer service area.

The aim was to create awareness and equip the audience with interpersonal skills that will allow them to handle Santam’s various customer types, in various events and and various emotional states.

The engagement began with a series of focus groups that allowed small groups of the audience to interact and discus different scenarios they encounter on a daily basis. This was visually recording by an illustrator. Once recorded, the audience had the opportunity to review all the scenarios played out.
They then were asked to map the Claims process and link the scenarios to the claims process.

The solution involved an environment map that illustrated the call centre, and the consumer’s world around them. Scenarios were embedded and leaners were tasked to consider the maker and breaker opportunities at each customer touchpoint they identified.

This programme was a classroom workshop environment, held in short 2hour sessions over several months.

The programme was well responded too and employees felt included, heard and empowered.