Case Study: Bayport South Africa

Bayport South Africa offers a range of microlending products to the consumer. Their customer base is largely the lower income mass market whose understanding of the product they are purchasing and the process they need to follow is limited. The process is from onbaroding of the customer (inception) right through to claims, debt counseling or exiting. Consumer Education is a key focus area for Bayport, but how to they get their internal employee base to connect, educate, and service their customers in a caring and thoughtful manner?

The Bayport Customer Experience Programme was thus born. The content focused customer types, emotional states of the customer, lifestages of the customer and customer touchpoints along the Bayport Value Chain.
This content was developed for a classroom environment, with learning maps, cards, lifestages journey maps and lessons that unpacked key content to shift mindsets and behaviours of Bayport employees.

The challenge:

  • To deliver classroom materials in a picture-based learning,
  • To ensure that the branches and field agents are accessed and included,
  • To be able to run the programme monthly, by Bayport facilitators.
  • To shift the mindset from product to service, and be emotively in tune with customers and their present life stages.

Map of the Bayport world, community, customer types and customer needs along various life journeys. 14 journeys were incompassed into the map, for unpacking in detail. Learning outcomes included

  1. Possible emotional state of customer at that life stage
  2. How to handle if the customer loan request is rejected, given their emotional state

An environment map was selected as the key learning tool, simulating the operating world of the Bayporteers, their interactions with customers and internally with each other, and their presence and responsibility to the community in terms of financial education and how they are currently perceived as microlenders. Within this map, 14 customer journeys were illustrated. The content for these journeys stemmed from an individual’s key life stages and workshops were help with key stakeholders to deeply interpret and connect to the customer at that life stage AND how that life stage can vary from customer to customer.
Teaching EQ and customer values to employees completed the learning solution and a portable classroom kit developed and printed.
Pilot groups were held both at head office and in regions and various branches.
3 separate train-the-trainers were run as well as a session with the Exco of Bayport as employees themselves.