ERP System Update – A Smooth Process – Case Study post image

The largest gases and welding company in sub-Saharan Africa


ERP systems form the backbone of many businesses. When an ERP system is out of date or unsupported, a business can be placed at risk. Trainiac’s client found themselves having to update their ERP system as their system was no longer viable. ERP systems are not as easy to change as unplugging one and plugging in another. The client needed all directly affected employees and all indirectly affected employees up-skilled and confident on the new system in a short space of time. Read more…

Safety First in the PowerLine Construction Industry – Case Study post image

A consortium of 6 leading companies in the power line construction industry


The Powerline Construction Industry (PLCI) works on a tender basis when applying for work. One of the requirements when tendering is that the company has a good safety record. This is difficult to maintain in some circumstances. PLCI employees are mostly recruited from the areas surrounding the construction sites. These can be extremely remote and the employees will have minimal education and may be illiterate. Prior to engaging Trainiac the companies were running all employees through a one-day powerpoint presentation before allowing the employees to begin working. This was not very successful and the companies were still recording safety incidences which needed to be avoided. Read more…

Visualising Your Strategy – Case Study post image

An international integrated energy and chemicals company


Launching a new strategy can be challenging, especially when the Shared Services Centre alone is comprised of 17 departments. Implementation needs the buy-in and engagement of each and every employee across the board. Trainiac was asked by a leading energy and chemicals company to communicate their key strategic focus areas. Trainiac was engaged to create awareness around the new strategy through visualisation of the journey from the past to the present and ultimately to the desired future. The communication campaign had a clear objective; to transfer learning into the workplace. Read more…

Creating a Global Community – Case Study post image

Global Logistics Business with Head Office in USA


An international logistics company approached Trainiac to design their global induction programme. The company was finding that it was difficult to create a consistent message when each region designed their own induction. The story was always told in a slightly different way and the nuances that made each region different were emphasised rather than the similarities which made them one company. The client decided that Trainiac would be the preferred supplier as they had worked together locally. The client had one main challenge to overcome in the design of a global induction – a language one. As Trainiac creates learning solutions using visuals, the client would not need to translate the material into all the languages spoken in the business. Read more…

Making Complex Processes Simple – Case Study post image

The local launch of an International cellar company


Trainiac’s client had in excess of 300 processes that they needed to teach to hundreds of employees. The company was concerned that 300 processes did not align with the fun culture they were known for. The client’s process definitions team had spent hundreds of hours defining the processes that were extremely detailed. These process maps would be intimidating to the average employee. The client was faced with another challenge in that their processes were not finalised and would change post the training. Read more…