The joys of being safe post image

An accident is an unplanned and uncontrollable act caused by unsafe actions and conditions… this is a definition I learned back in my high school days in the science lab, which by now are many, many moons ago. Every year before we got started on anything the first chapter we went over even before we were issued with text books was on safety.

Safety is a very vital element in any working environment; ask any 14year old from my old high school and they would be able to tell you that, it is also imperative that any organisation has safety provisions in case anything happens.

Safety training can be made fun! With practical examples in play, the employees get to forge strong team bonds. Employees also become comfortable with one another in addition to the lessons learned at a safety training session they can be used anywhere at any time and could possibly save a life. The level of severe injuries can also be reduced greatly and a lot of money can be saved in costing the company less in repairs and/or medical expenses. Read more…